PSk3 - The next generation of LORENTZ hybrid solar pumping

A true hybrid solar pumping system in a single compact unit

The LORENTZ PSk range is market leading and all models are being continuously developed and optimized for the markets they serve.

The LORENTZ PSk3 is the next generation system setting the stage for the future. It has integrated hybrid, straight out of the box to serve a high volume market of pump systems under 15kW. The solution improves on the PS2 with reduced component count and simplified pcb.

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PSk3 features

  • A true hybrid solar pumping system in a single compact unit – Integrates the functions of the PSk pump controller and smartPSU

Complete new platform

all new hardware and software including new communication protocols for CONNECTED apps and LORENTZ Global

Improved serviceability / repairability

common pcbs across models, encouraging repair not replacement

Extended voltage range

Support for grid and pump motors (3 phase only, from 360V to 480V, PSk3 does not increase incoming AC voltages, motor voltages must be <= incoming 3 phase supply)